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We are two doctoral nanotechnology researchers that like to talk about the science we do!

Our podcasts cover a wide range of topics that include nanotechnology, discuss our own journeys, and review current research in a fun way.
Feel free to reachout to us about nanotech, grad school or research life !

Irfani Ausri
Chemistry (Nanotechnology) PhD
from the University of Waterloo, Canada
BSc from McGill University, Canada

Irfani has always been passionate about health care. After her first encounter with nanotechnology, she was intrigued at the tremendous potential of nanotechnology applications in health care, particularly in early diagnostics. 

Currently, she is working on developing a wearable microneedle biosensor for the detection of lactate and glucose in interstitial fluid and blood. Multi-walled carbon nanotubes are incorporated in the sensor to improve the its performance and sensitivity, which is especially important in complex body fluid. 

She hopes this podcast can inspire many people to be excited about nanotechnology!

Thesis Summary.tif

Monika Snowdon


PhD Chemistry (Nanotechnology) from the University of Waterloo, Canada

MSc and BSc from the University of Guelph, Canada

Monika Snowdon researched the control of the alignment of carbon nanotubes on surfaces using organic chemistry, which has impact on creating faster and more efficient electrical devices, like cell phones, computers, cars, etc. The process is dubbed Alignment Relay Technique (ART). This is because it uses an aligning liquid and molecules to transmit their alignment towards the nanotubes, hence controlling carbon nanotube orientation on a surface.
Once the samples are made, she can image them using an Atomic Force Microscope. This is an incredible machine that can take pictures at 1 billionth of a meter with high accuracy (nanoscale images). She is passionate about the wonders of nanotechnology, and how organic chemistry can be used to solve problems in nano-engineering.
Nano is a fancy word for very small, and she hopes to introduce the fascinating world of nanoscience and technology to anyone who will listen!  

3MT 2021 Snowdon.tif

Monika's Thesis in an Image

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